Missed Her

Missed Her

In her newest collection of short stories—now available—Ivan takes readers on an intimate journey: from her year spent in eastern Canada, to her return to the west coast, and the travels in-between.

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Distinctive and persuasive voice, a flawless sense of pacing, and an impeccable sense of story.

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Apr 30

Solo Performance

Saltspring Island, BC

Ivan Coyote was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. An award-winning author of six collections of short stories, one novel, three CD’s, four short films and a renowned performer. More »

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  • Edmonton Journal: Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote question ‘the order of things’

    by Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote

    Arsenal Pulp

    As a species, we’re capable of awesome cognitive leaps.

    With a handful of touchy subjects, though, we can become deeply prejudiced baggage-carriers. Whether it’s calcified thinking, a knee-jerk bad habit, or a vestigial imperative woven into our DNA, we’re drawn to restrictive categories and norms over and again. Ever suspicious, we’re prone to slap on hard-to-remove labels that determine “belongs” and “does not belong.” We isolate “unacceptable” from “acceptable” in a mere heartbeat.

    If you’re doubting this blanket statement, just consider that most mundane of events, the twice-daily commute. A transcript of the snap judgments from just one of its minutes would reveal a veritable jamboree of sexist, racist, ageist, and classist attitudes (that usually stay locked inside individual skulls nestled within individual vehicles, fortunately).

    Contesting such ingrained and seemingly instinctive patterns can be thankless work. And difficult too, an uphill battle.

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  • NOW: 10 more must-reads

    Bookstores may be going under – the Cookbook Store, the World’s Biggest Bookstore and, most lamentably, Book City’s Bloor West location – but stories are more powerful than ever. Whether you’re reading them the old-school way or on your e-reader, as PDFs or online, here are this spring’s major must-reads.

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  • 10 Transgender Artists Who Are Changing The Landscape Of Contemporary Art

    Working in an array of artistic media including photography, video, sculpture, classical music and the spoken word, transgender artists are sharing their stories and experiences, their trauma and hope, their pasts and futures -- on their own terms. Whether defining themselves as transgender, gender variant, transfeminine or gender failure, the following artists challenge our current understandings of identity while paving the way for a more aware and accepting future.

    With skill, bravery, humor and passion, the following artists interpret transgender life in radically different ways, revealing the infinitely multifaceted reality of the trans experience. The following artistic forces have contributed immensely to the growing transgender presence in the art world and thus in the greater cultural consciousness. Behold, 10 trans artists who are radically changing the landscape of contemporary art.

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  • An Interview with Ivan Coyote

    in CWILA (Canadian Women in the Literary Arts)
    Interview by Tina Northrup

    In an interview with Joy Parks that was published in Books in Canada in 2003, you speak of learning to tell stories in the company of your huge extended family. How did you begin to publish and perform?

    I actually started off as a sort of a three-or-four-chord lesbian folk singer, and quickly realized that I liked and was better at the banter in between songs, I guess. Then there was a period of doing open mikes and such, it is a little blurry in there, but all of a sudden there I was on the bill with folks like the Minimalist Jug Band and Cass King and even Al Purdy before he died, the literary performance types, this was before the slam poetry scene really took off. Then around 1996 or so I was one of four founding members of Taste This, a four-person (we all identified as women back then, I don’t really, now, I call myself trans, it is closer to the truth of me) performance troupe that blended music, storytelling, performance poetry and monologue type of stuff. I’ve never really been much into labels, they only serve us until they don’t, and they stifle innovation sometimes.

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  • 2014 Queer Canadian Books to Be Excited About

    2014 Queer Canadian Books to Be Excited About - January 30, 2014

    If you missed Ivan and Rae’s show of the same name that toured in 2012, here’s your chance to catch up. Both neither fitting the narratives for hetero and cisnormative gender or for dominant ideas about trans identities, Ivan and Rae are calling themselves gender failures. But, it turns out, Gender Failure tells us that gender is never really a success for anyone.

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